Weymouth’s Nothe Guns, Gardens and Graveyards; Military History in Weymouth.

Here in Weymouth and Portland we are blessed with a bevvy of beautiful parks and gardens, all embracing their own special identity. Unbeknown to many people visiting Weymouth, one hidden gem holds a fascinating history, that of fighting men and fearsome artillery. Though it stands right next to the harbour,  it’s secreted beneath a solid green canopy. Up on…

Soldiers, soldiers everywhere…The Military History Weymouth 1808.

Weymouth’s history with the military goes way way back. The further back you go it seems, the more troops there were stationed in our area. So many men and regiments have come and gone from Weymouth’s Red Barracks or Radipole barracks. Oh to have a tardis and travel back in time to witness their lives….

Wounded Soldiers of WWI; Weymouth Military Hospitals.

But Weymouth also played another role.

She took in many of the wounded from the fierce fighting in France.

A piece in the Western Gazette of Christmas Day 1914 gives a glimpse into the world of our not so long ago ancestors of Weymouth, many of whom helped in some way or another.

The article headlines proclaims