Weymouth at War; WWI and We Welcomed with Open Arms.

End of October 1914 one hundred and twenty wounded Belgian soldiers arrived at Weymouth station on a Red Cross train from Southampton. They were met by the 5th Dorset Voluntary Aid Detachment who oversaw their transfer from carriage to waiting transport and onto Weymouth’s Sanatorium where they were to undergo treatment for wounds that ‘told only too plainly that they had been singled out for attention from the German heavy guns.’

Military Dramas; Theatres and Thespians.

The A’Beckett family already had a connection with Weymouth, his great-grandfather ‘was an intimate friend of George III and often stayed with him at Weymouth.’ That relationship was forged again when this theatrical loving soldier resigned his commission in the RA to concentrate on his other passions. His first ‘top of the bill’ appearance was in Weymouth.

The Dorsets Invade Wyke Regis; WWI

In WWI the Dorset Regiment was billeted in and around Wyke Regis.During their posting ‘many thousands have been trained here and have departed for the various fronts. To feed the four active service battalions.’ (Western Gazette August 1919)

History Repeats; Soldiers & Pandemics

A dread sound that she had heard too often before. The clip-clopping of horse’s hooves on the cobblestones and the beat of muffled drums. Coming into view along the harbour-side is yet another funeral procession. There are sometimes three or four a day. The horses with their black plumes pulling a gun-carriage which bears a coffin. The Military band is playing The Dead March in subdued tones and all the drums are muffled in black crepe.

Confessions of a Military Bookaholic

I love an old book, particularly those from the 19th century period, which not surprisingly is what I tend to write about. Not necessarily military either, but if they contain information all to the good. They are filled with the most glorious illustrations, not just those to enhance the stories or articles but also their…

Give a Soldier a Football…History of the British Army and Sport

Sport, especially football, seems to have played a major role in a soldiers life, they took it seriously…and I mean VERY seriously! A snippet here taken from The Navy & Army Illustrated of 1899 gives us a taste of a few British army history facts concerning soldiers and sport. It describes the team of the…


Like most institutions, the army developed their own sense of humour. During one of my night time rummages through the online auction sites I came across this little cracker from WWI and my finger just inadvertently hit the ‘buy’ button. It is a tongue in cheek magazine created by those soldiers stationed in the Weymouth…

Weymouth’s Nothe Guns, Gardens and Graveyards; Military History in Weymouth.

Here in Weymouth and Portland we are blessed with a bevvy of beautiful parks and gardens, all embracing their own special identity. Unbeknown to many people visiting Weymouth, one hidden gem holds a fascinating history, that of fighting men and fearsome artillery. Though it stands right next to the harbour,  it’s secreted beneath a solid green canopy. Up on…