Sandsfoot Castle; From Castles to Cattle and Cafes.

So used are we to enjoying the immaculately kept gardens and romantic ruins of Sandsfoot Castle that it’s sometimes easy to forget it was a full on coastal defences military site, dating right back to Henry VIII’s time. A castle complete with its newly formed coastal artillery gunners (the beginnings of a British full time…

Weymouth’s Little Known Roles in WWI

As time passes so memories fade. As time passes tales of Weymouth’s involvement in the build up to and part played in WWI get forgotten. Weymouth and Portland once had a large military and naval force based in this area. Men were stationed at the Nothe Fort and Red Barracks and of course not forgetting…


Like most institutions, the army developed their own sense of humour. During one of my night time rummages through the online auction sites I came across this little cracker from WWI and my finger just inadvertently hit the ‘buy’ button. It is a tongue in cheek magazine created by those soldiers stationed in the Weymouth…

1856 1st Devon Militia arrive in Weymouth; Military history in Weymouth.

The gradual declivity rendered the sight easily to be seen by all. A view of it could also be obtained from the Pier and from the Esplanade. The number of persons gathered together was very great, and amongst them were many of the elite of the town and neighbourhood as well as several of the Officers of the Dorset Militia, attired in regimental dress.

Soldiers, soldiers everywhere…The Military History Weymouth 1808.

Weymouth’s history with the military goes way way back. The further back you go it seems, the more troops there were stationed in our area. So many men and regiments have come and gone from Weymouth’s Red Barracks or Radipole barracks. Oh to have a tardis and travel back in time to witness their lives….