The Buffs on Portland; Authors and Convicts

While doing my research I sometimes stumble across some real gems. I was in the midst of seeing what I could find out about the 2nd Battalion Buffs (East Kent Regiment) based at the Nothe and Verne from 1923-1926, when I came across a link for back copies of The Dragon, the Buffs Newspaper that had been placed online and what a resource!

Weymouth Defences before the Nothe Fort.

It was, indeed, an elegant structure, and well chosen as a military position. The half-moon battery in its front, and which crested the cliff has been swept away with much of the building in its rear by the inroads of the sea.

Sandsfoot Castle; From Castles to Cattle and Cafes.

So used are we to enjoying the immaculately kept gardens and romantic ruins of Sandsfoot Castle that it’s sometimes easy to forget it was a full on coastal defences military site, dating right back to Henry VIII’s time. A castle complete with its newly formed coastal artillery gunners (the beginnings of a British full time…

When Andromeda and the Naval Fleet went Walkabouts from Weymouth. August 1899.

The assembling of the British naval Fleets had a deadly serious side to it. At the start of August 1899 “A” Fleet and “B” Fleet began a full on game of cat and mouse with each other around the seas and coasts. “Nothing is stranger in the conditions of naval war-as to which this particular respect reality and sham differ not at all-than the suddenness with which crises arise. So rapid are the movements of modern warships that at one moment a vessel may appear to have the ocean to herself, and few minutes later she may be in the midst of the tumult of conflict or of chase.” (Southern Times and Dorset County Herald Sat 26th August) 

Weymouth’s Little Known Roles in WWI

As time passes so memories fade. As time passes tales of Weymouth’s involvement in the build up to and part played in WWI get forgotten. Weymouth and Portland once had a large military and naval force based in this area. Men were stationed at the Nothe Fort and Red Barracks and of course not forgetting…

Give a Soldier a Football…History of the British Army and Sport

Sport, especially football, seems to have played a major role in a soldiers life, they took it seriously…and I mean VERY seriously! A snippet here taken from The Navy & Army Illustrated of 1899 gives us a taste of a few British army history facts concerning soldiers and sport. It describes the team of the…

And the Band Played On; History of Music from the British Royal Navy

Someone once asked me why I write posts about the navy when my blog and book were entitled Nothe Fort and Beyond.  ‘Beyond’ maybe gives a clue because the Victorian fortifications weren’t built as a stand alone defence. They were not only designed to protect our south coast from invasion but to protect the naval…